Real Estate, Land, and Real Property laws include the oldest and most complex laws. Originating with English Common Law, but changing every day; Real Estate, Land, and Real Property transactions and law suits require experience, listening to clients, working hard, smart strategy and sometimes being tough. If you don’t know the laws, talking to someone who does is the right decision.

A well written contract can prevent a lawsuit, foresee potential problems, anticipate issues, and help you with a smooth sale. A home purchase is probably the biggest investment of your life; hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might live for decades in your home. It’s smart to get legal advice to protect your purchase.

Sometimes when selling a house, a seller fails to disclose hidden defects; a case of “failure to disclose”. Some buyers have unreasonable expectations and make unjustified claims against sellers of a house. California has detailed and complex disclosure laws. An experienced lawyer can review disclosure documents for you, consider potential claims and money damages which will help you get the result you need.

Boundary line and neighbor problems can be emotional and may involve issues with surveys, easements, encroachments, tree cutting, property damage and nuisances. Boundary line and neighbor problems can be unpleasant and disturbing. Competent legal advice can get you the result you want.

Landlords with problem tenants face laws and procedures that favor tenants with delays that can costs months of lost rent. California laws are on the side of the tenant. Landlords need someone on their side to get a bad tenant out.

Laws for Trust Deeds and loans have changed drastically in the last few years. Learning about the laws before a question becomes a problem can save you thousands of dollars.

Title issues can mean a painstaking review of a long chain of documents with words and terms that have legal meanings that most people just don’t know. It’s smart to get a lawyer to help you decipher the deeds and recorded documents.

Many properties are in homeowners’ association or are governed by CC&R’s. California has complex detailed laws for homeowners associations and CC&R’s. These can be emotional problems that need a winning strategy for success. It’s smart to get a legal consultation to find out your options.